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SKINTECH Purigel 淨膚消炎凝膠 (50ml)

SKINTECH Purigel 淨膚消炎凝膠 (50ml)

庫存單位: ST1500




Suitable for acne / grease particles / oily / combination Skin

  • 產品特質 Purifying








    ・Salicylic acid has the ability penetrate into the pore lining and exfoliate inside the pore as well as  on the 

         surface of skin

    ・Anti-acne  and reduces inflammation

    ・Decreases the secretion of sebum

    ・Clearing the skin of the impurities

    ・Provides very smooth exfoliation

  • 產品成份

    ・Salicylic Acid

    ・Burdock Extract




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